Characteristics of right Dog

Your kids have been asking for a puppy and you think they are old enough to help take on the responsibility of a dog. What breed is right for you? You need to learn about the characteristics of dogs and which ones fit your own family's personalities.
Characteristics to Consider
There are a number of characteristics to look for when deciding on what breed of dog you want to bring home. Most people only look to see if the puppy or dog is playful. You also have to consider is the dog you pick going to be dominant or submissive or somewhere in between?
You can test for dominance in a dog by holding the puppy with your fingers laced under her belly a few inches above the ground. Hold her there for several seconds and watch her behavior. If she sits in your hands with content she is submissive and should be easy to train in the future. If she starts to whine and wiggle to get free you may have a problem with dominance and you will have to train her accordingly.
Another dominance test is to get her to lie down and then gently roll her over on her side and hold her still. If she starts to growl, cry or struggle to get away again you have a dog that has dominant tendencies. Dogs that show this type o behavior can become aggressive and should not be placed in homes that have small children or elderly people.
Some breeds are considered high strung and are called derogatorily by non dog lovers as "yappers". These types of dogs are usually smaller and have an inferiority complex that makes them challenge any size dog by barking at it. Some of the characteristics you need to understand before choosing a dog include how often they need groomed, how active they are, how territorial they are, which breeds make good watch dogs, how sociable they are and their life expectancy.
If you want a dog that is going to live longer than ten years you are narrowing your search down. By combining the characteristics you want in a dog and looking at an online search web site you can come up with several breed choices to begin your search. Other characteristics include the type of coat they have, whether they shed, how often they need groomed, whether they are good with children, how much exercise they need and their average height and weight.
Depending on the size of your home and yard you might have to rethink your choice of breed. If a dog needs a high level of activity you will need a large area for them to run around in and an apartment or unit would not be ideal for such a dog. If you have allergies to pet dander you may want to consider dogs that do not shed or have fur instead of hair.
By paying attention to the primary characteristics of dogs you can make an informed choice on what type of dog to bring into your family. Doing your research means your pet will be a great fit for you and your family and will bring you years of happiness.
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