30 April 2013

Informations about Sphinx Cat

Sphynx is one of the most extraordinary felines. It is remarkable for its appearance which comprises of a supple and hairless body. The singular appearance is owing to a mutated gene that renders the Sphynx into its individual morphological form. It is quite a rare mutation and has been seen for the last few decades in Europe and North America.

29 April 2013

Lowchen Puppy Informations

The Lowchen Dog is actually pronounced "lerv-chun" and means "little lion". This German name comes from the traditional haircut, in which a ruff is hair is left as a mane on the front part of the dog's body. A large plume of hair is also left on the end of the tail and all four feet from the pasterns to the base of the foot.

28 April 2013

How to Select The Best Litter Box for your Cat

So you've just brought your new kitty home (or you're about to get one) and you need to find an appropriate cat litter box for it. Or perhaps you've already got cats, but you need to find another box for your new kitty. Which is the right one to choose?

27 April 2013

Easy Tips For Choosing The Best Dog Litter Box

Dog litter boxes have become increasing popular these days. Busy lifestyles keep dog owners away from home for longer hours. New puppy owners can't get home as frequently to let their new companion out.
With so many types of boxes on the market today, here are a few tips on finding the best...

26 April 2013

How to Bathe your Cat, Healthy ways

Have you ever considered giving your cat a bath? Your dog and cat both require a certain amount of maintenance to keep them happy and healthy. While most cats are self-sufficient, all cats could use a little boost in the bathing department.

25 April 2013

Safe Way to Bathing a Dog

Most of us have one of two opinions about bathing a dog. Some people believe you don't need to bathe dogs very often - maybe once a year. Others feel that their dogs should be bathed every month.
Bathing is good for dogs, but it can cause problems if you do it too often.

24 April 2013

Brief History of Scottish Fold Cats

Scottish Fold Cats have distinctive folded ears which bend forward to lie against the head. These medium sized, rounded cats have a short neck, large round eyes, sturdy legs and a large fluffy tail.

23 April 2013

Information about Beagle

Made famous by the Peanuts character, Snoopy, Beagles were bred in England as trail hounds, used to hunt rabbits and hares. Beagles are scent hounds and have a tendency to ignore everything but the interesting scent when hunting. A very energetic breed of dog, Beagles are social, curious, intelligent and brave. They are also likely to get into trouble as their hound dog instinct can take over in an instant should a Beagle catch a whiff of an exciting or interesting scent.

22 April 2013

Hairballs in your Cat

Hairballs and cats go together almost like ice cream and cake, but not with the same result. Ice cream and cake taste great going down, hairballs coming up do not necessarily please the cat.
No matter how often you brush and/or comb your cat, cats are always grooming themselves. These wonderful self-groomers are always swallowing their own hair, no matter how gross it sounds; it is a fact of a cat's life.

21 April 2013

10 Ways Dog's Body Language

Since dogs are not capable of using words to tell you what they want, they tell us with their body language. To know and understand what they are saying, you just have to "listen," with your eyes.

20 April 2013

How Cats Communicate With You

Like all other domesticated creatures, cats were once seen to be nothing more than an aid to man in one way or another. In the case of cats, they were seen as a natural predator to rats and other kinds of pests, making it easier for people to get rid of the latter living in their homes. While man's view of cats did change later on, such as being held as a symbol of royalty and good fortune in some cultures and as elements of witchcraft and bearers of misfortune in others, the fact is that cats were seen more as things that served man's purpose rather than actual sentient beings.

19 April 2013

Stop Leash Pulling my Dog

I'm quite sure if you have a dog, you must have experienced the pull of the leash. Yes, you must have. And, I also know how irritating it can get when your dog starts to pull it really hard and you just keep on walking with the flow.
So is it really bad if your doggy is pulling on the leash?

18 April 2013

Somali Cat information

Somali is a domestic feline that resembles an Abyssinian in nearly every way apart from its longer fur. This is owing to the fact that Somalis originated from Abyssinians nearly half a century back. Theirs is an artificially created breed that began in ninety sixties when some longhair kittens were noticed in an Abyssinian litter.

17 April 2013

Cleaning Dog's Ear

Just like humans, dogs produce ear wax (cerumen). If there are factors present which increase production of this ear wax, or if the normal clearance mechanism is compromised, then manual removal might be necessary.

16 April 2013

Description of Abyssinian Cats

If you've always thought cats were too snooty and unaffectionate, you haven't met an Abyssinian. These cats are very personable and affectionate animals that love to interact with their families.
The Cat Fancier's Association classifies the Abyssinian as a part of the Championship Class, along with thirty six other cat breeds. This breed is often smaller than many other cat breeds, weighing in at only nine to sixteen pounds.

15 April 2013

Travel with Pets

Pet Travel: What to do when traveling with pets
Pet air travel tips, road trip tips and more Pets are like a child to many and the thought of leaving them at home while on vacation is not an option for some. However, before taking your pets on vacation with you, there are several items that you need to be aware of and a few pet travel tips that need to be followed.

14 April 2013

Dental Care For Dogs

Halitosis in your pet is a serious matter. Dental health is the primary consideration and diseases in the mouth area are especially detrimental for your pet if left unattended, not to mention the social consequences of an unwanted dog due to his exceptionally offensive bad breath!

13 April 2013

Cat Dental Care

Most pet owners can spot their pet's health issues right away. One health problem that may not be so easy to find is dental disease. Cats, just like humans, can have problems with their teeth. As cats age, most do have some form of periodontal disease. Only a vet can tell for certain, but there are things that you can look for when you suspect dental problems with your cat.

12 April 2013

Trimming Your Dog's Nails

When it becomes time for you to trim your dogs nails you just know that they just hate having that done period. If you walk your dog a lot on concrete you can reduce the amount of times you have to trim them for the fact that concrete wears them down.

11 April 2013

How To Trim Your Cat's Nails ??

If you mention the topic of clipping your cat's nails in the company of other people owned by cats, the responses are varied. Some shudder. Some howl. Some may hurl curses in your direction. It is one of the most touchy subjects in the cat care category. Easy to see why. Cats hate having their nails trimmed. And they are not shy about expressing their displeasure. The wounded among us can attest to that, I'm sure.

10 April 2013

5 Things You Should Teach Your Dog

Training is an important part of responsible dog ownership and the foundation for good behavior. Teaching your dog to follow some basic commands helps keep him safe and happy, and can be a fun way to establish a strong bond. Below are five things you should teach your dog.

9 April 2013

Cat Training Tricks

A cat training trick guide is rare, but here's an excellent one which I will review. There really does appear to be a dearth of guides on cat training tricks. Look for guides on dog training and you will find a never ending list of publishers appealing to dog owners. Do the same for a guide on cat training tricks and you are struggling.

8 April 2013

Do You Understand What Animal Cruelty Is?

One of the most gut wrenching things that happens on a daily basis is animal cruelty. For those who love animals, the sight of an abused creature can make them fighting mad.
Understanding what constitutes cruelty to animals can be difficult for some to comprehend.

7 April 2013

Dog Destructive Behavior and Dog Aggression - The Exercise Solution

Why is your dog displaying destructive tendencies? Many people erroneously believe that destructive dog behavior means their dog is punishing them for being left alone. This is quite untrue, as most dog trainers and dog behaviorists will confirm. Let me show you with examples from with my two young rescued dogs, along with a couple of basic dog training pointers.

6 April 2013

Methods to Stop Destructive Cat Scratching Behavior

Feline scratching is an inborn behavior and because of this, you cannot get your cat to prevent the scratching by chasing her away, spraying water, hitting or yelling. No matter what you do, they will still have to scratch.

5 April 2013

Short Haired Dog Breeds

Short-haired dog breeds have many advantages over long-haired breeds. One of these is that short-haired dog breeds do not shed as much hair. While a shaggier coat makes a dog look fluffier and aesthetically more pleasing, it should be remembered that more hair means more time spent on bathing and grooming.

4 April 2013

Short Hair Cats And Different Cat Breeds

A cat is a small felid mammal that has been domesticated for several years. The word cat most usually means a domestic or house cat, even though people used to refer this as member of a feline family. For instance, people often refer to tigers, lions, and jaguars as the large cats.

3 April 2013

Dog Food Comparisons Can Make Fitter Dogs

Dog food comparisons. You want to make sure you make the right pick, but there are just so many factors to think about. The process of selecting the right food involves making sure your pets health is maintained. There are dog food comparisons that make this choice a little bit easier.

2 April 2013

Soft Cat Food

Cat food affects your pet's life, not just during those few moments when she's eating, but for every hour of every day. Cat-food choices abound with fish, chicken, fresh flavors, hard crunch, chewy centers, and of course, wet mushy delectable bites.

1 April 2013

3 Stages of Pregnant Dog Symptoms

The animals have several common natural phenomenons just like the humans have in their life span and pregnancy is one such natural phenomenon. It is commonly seen that most of the dog owners keep their pet away from being crossed with others, when they are on their breeding period.