9 March 2015

Does The World Need More Cats ?

Aren't they cute? Yes, they are! A nest of meowing and crawling little kittens leaves only the fiercest cat hater indifferent. But does the world need more cats?
A cat is the second most popular pet in the world. People love them for all kinds of reasons. Cats are social, but still have a will of their own. They have sweet faces and love to be hugged, but at the same time they are predators that don't mind about killing a bird.
In short, cats are fascinating animals. The world would be a boring place without them.

8 March 2015

10 Important Things you must Know about your Dog

If your dog could talk, these are some of most important things she would like to tell you...

1 - My life will probably only last 7 to 14 years.
It will hurt me more than you know if I have to be away from you for longer than a day or two.