Get Your Child Ready for a Pet

Every time your child spots a dog or a cat, does he start asking you in his/her sweetest voice, “Mommy, please can we have a pet?” Well, getting a pet is very easy, but keeping the pet and taking care of it every moment is what requires a lot of time, patience and responsibility. So is your child ready for that? If not, how can you ensure that your kid is ready to have a pet? Here are few tips on how to get your kid ready to have a pet.
1. Teach your kid how important it is to care for the pet
Sometimes kids want a pet just like they want some toy. They don’t seem to understand the difference. Ensure that you teach them that a toy can be left alone and not taken care of, but it’s not the same with the pet. A pet is a living being which needs proper food, nutrition and care at regular intervals, failing which it will die.

2. Ensure that your child understands his/her responsibility
If your child is adamant that he/she wants the pet for himself/herself, do ensure that he/she understands the responsibility that accompanies a pet. For example if you are getting a dog, tell him/her how the dog needs a walk, food, exercise and company for its healthy living. Ensure that your child understands how he/she has to perform his/her role in taking care of the pet.

3. Make sure your child is medically ready for the pet
This includes talking to your pediatrician and making sure your child isn’t allergic to pets. Also certain kinds of pets are not recommended for very small children like reptiles etc. All these things need to be discussed with your pediatrician or physician. 

4. Teach your kids about the concept of life and death
This is very important otherwise the child may suffer traumatically in case of sudden injury/death of the pet.

5. Give him/her some ‘pet experience’ before actually getting the pet
If anyone among your friends or family is having the pet that you are planning to get, ensure that your child spends some time with that pet. Ask your friends or family to allow the pet and your child to spend some time together and you can monitor how your child acts and behaves. This will give you a fair idea about the readiness of your child.

Remember that you need to keep instilling in your child that your pet is also a family member and no matter what, you never give up on family and you’ll always have to be there for the pet!

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