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The name 'Oriental' does not refer to a specific breed of cat, but a group of cats originating from Southeast Asia. Siamese is the most familiar (specifically, a Siamese without points), but Oriental can also refer to Japanese Bobtail, Burmese, and Balinese to name a few. Oriental cats are either longhaired or shorthaired and come in nearly 300 varieties of colors and markings.
Longhairs do not require much brushing of the coat and it does not tend to mat making it one of the lower maintenance longhaired breeds. However, longhair varies are known to have problems with fleas so it is important to introduce baths early on in case a flea bath becomes necessary. Shorthairs have a coat that lies close to the skin and is described as silky.

Other than occasional brushings, it is a low maintenance coat. Orientals are small and lean cats (some can be three feet long), living approximately fifteen years. Mature males will weigh between nine and twelve pounds and females, four to eight pounds. They are described as loud and talkative, as well as curious and intelligent.
Orientals are playful, and have been known to use almost anything include breakables and valuables as toys. They enjoy heights and jumping so they would enjoy a cat condo, but do not enjoy the outdoors. They make an excellent family pet and are good with children, provided the children play gently. Orientals are 'people cats' and need lots of love and attention from them. Failure to provide adequate attention will result in boredom, which will result in trouble.

Because Orientals have a large gene pool, they are less likely to suffer from genetic problems, but since many of them have Siamese in them, Orientals are more likely to have issues with nystagmus (crossed eyes) which is not serious and will not medically affect the cat. Some Orientals are also prone to heart defects and some have issues with obesity if they do not get adequate exercise.
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